FlexLog – Arbeitszeiterfassung

FlexLog – Arbeitszeiterfassung jetzt auch für Android!

Nach 4-monatiger Entwicklungsphase ist FlexLog nun auch endlich für Android erhältlich!

Holt euch die App im google PlayStore 👇🏻👇🏻


Natürlich bin ich auch für Feedback jederzeit gerne offen!

Nutzt schon jemand die App?

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Android beta testing is starting in the next days

Android beta testing is starting in the next days 📲

My work time tracking app FlexLog is getting beta status in the next days. The basic functionality is working, so it is ready for testing soon.

If you are interested in testing the app, please let me know via support section or a comment below 👇🏻

FlexLog is a work time tracker app with more than 100000 downloads on the App Store on iOS.

More details and links👇🏻📲👇🏻📲

FlexLog – Arbeitszeiterfassung

Working on FlexLog for Android

I started in the past days developing FlexLog for Android. This is my first time developing an App for Android, so I am really excited about it.

To get used to Android Studio and Kotlin, I started with some UI stuff.

And finally I get my Pixel 4a in use which I bought about one year ago 😅

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